Although this blog remains mostly fandom I post quite a bit about my weight loss progress, so here are my stats for those who are interested.

SW: 237 lbs
CW: 220 lbs
GW #1: < 200 lbs
UGW: < 20% BMI (140 lbs)

Watching: Full Metal Alchemist

Playing: Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Reading: None

Writing: None

Twitter: freakingdiana

Instagram: Request only

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On the set of ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ in Baton Rouge, LA (5.21.14)

#is this the new avengers #they look like superheroes (via konako)

i had some really good baked chicken breast with brown rice tonight

i just put salt, pepper, and some worcestershire sauce on it and baked it for like 40 minutes and it was pretty much perfect tasting

Yes hello hi here’s a selfie

"and Rachel is so gorgeous"

I’m killing myself Blaine why


I don’t think anyone realizes how IMPORTANT that line is

Brody respects Rachel unlike most people in her life lbr

I’m in love with Brody I can’t stop help me

Blaine makes me so ridiculously happy I just want to cuddle him and save him from his awful boyfriend

Blaine being the new Rachel makes me super happy okay

Brochel is killing me you guys

I forgot how much I loved Cassie July

I’m doing a s4 rewatch of glee and I’m crying bc brochel

So Rodney needs to clean the bathroom, I need to clean my room and change my sheets, we need to sweep and mop the floors, I need to shower and get dressed, take pictures for roo of my new dresses (and probably show you guys lbr), go to the store and pick up food to eat for tonight, and then come home and make food.


Okay it’s 1:30 which means time for bed

I have to wake up early and clean the house bc my grandparents are coming over.

I’m officially confused again

I’m almost done with season 1 and I feel like they changed things a lot so far. Not like drastically, but enough where I notice. Something crazy has to happen in this next episode bc s2 I know ling gets introduced and idk who that is.